Week  11             4/3/17

The tetrahedron challenge autonomously has actually been easier than expected. Our robot can complete the challenge, but not every time so now we are working on specifics like where we should put the robot to make it work best.


Week  10             3/31/17
We have finally completed our most recent challenge, the tetrahedron challenge. We now have to do the same thing but autonomously. Doing things autonomously have always been harder, but the challenge now only involves using one tetrahedron instead of two. we hope to complete this challenge by next week


Week  10             3/27/17
Today one of our group members brought in straws but not enough to make a full pyramid. We are still working on finishing mating our original robot on solidworks, since none of it was mated. It has become a bit of a hassle but it needs to be done.


Week  9             3/24/17
We finished the claw and it seems to be working. In order to complete the challenge we have to now put together a pyramid made out of straws for the claw to pick up and place on something. On solid works building the robot has been a bit of a challenge. Mating wasn't working at first so we were putting the parts close to each other but not really connecting them. We fixed the robot on solidworks after figuring out how to mate the right way, now we are on track


Week  9             3/20/17
This week we got far in solid works,at first had difficultly but we work together to be able to put the first parts together.Soon we will start to get the parts for the claw in solid works.Our vex robot already has the claw almost finish,just have to installed it with the batteries and cortex with the controller.